More Pastors Embrace Talk of Mental Ills

We shared an article a few weeks ago about some pastors’ reluctance to address mental health with their congregants. This article in The New York Times features some pastors that are actively seeking ways to help with the mental health needs of their community. Excerpt below:

The pastor’s phone rang in the midnight darkness. A man’s voice rasped: “My wife left me and I’ve got a shotgun in my mouth. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t pull the trigger.”

The Rev. Matt Brogli, a Southern Baptist pastor scarcely six months into his first job, was unnerved. Gamely, he prayed with the anonymous caller, trying out “every platitude I could possibly think of.”

Eventually the stranger assured Mr. Brogli that he would be all right. But the young pastor was shaken.

“I was in over my head,” he recalled. “I thought being a pastor meant giving sermons, loving my congregation, doing marriages and funerals, and some marital counseling.”

Read the entire article from The New York Times.