Substance Use Services

We Can Help

Burke provides comprehensive outpatient services for individuals who are working toward sobriety and long-term recovery. Our providers offer both individual and group counseling, working with the client to formulate an individualized treatment plan. Burke does provide a vast array of psychiatric services; however, there is no eligibility requirement that the individual must also receive treatment for an underlying mental illness.

Our group sessions are offered during the day and evening to promote recovery with the least disruption to family, school, and work schedules.  Sessions are based on an 8-week cycle but designed such that individuals can enter at any point.  Currently, services are being provided virtually due to COVID restrictions and thereby available to all individuals living within Burke’s service area. Locations include 12 East Texas counties (Angelina, Houston, Jasper, Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity, and Tyler).

Evaluations, Assessments, and Curriculum: Burke staff will collaborate with you to determine what your needs are through compassionate interviewing and approved assessments.  Treatment includes evidenced based curriculum designed to promote long-term recovery.

To make an appointment or for general information about Burke’s substance use treatment services, call 936-634-5010 or 1-866-242-4556.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 1-800-392-8343 immediately.