Mental Illness Remains Taboo Topic for Pastors

An important article about another big challenge in treating mental illness. According to a recent Burke survey, 57% of respondents think their church would be a good place to learn about mental illness. This story suggests that some pastors are not ready to meet that need.

Lifeway researchExcerpt below:

NASHVILLE (BP) — One in four Americans has suffered from some kind of mental illness. Many look to their church for spiritual guidance in times of distress. But a new LifeWay study shows they are unlikely to find much help on Sunday mornings.

Most Protestant senior pastors (66 percent) seldom speak to their congregation about mental illness.

That includes nearly half (49 percent) who rarely (39 percent) or never (10 percent), speak about mental illness. About 1 in 6 pastors (16 percent) speak about mental illness once a year. And about a quarter of pastors (22 percent) are reluctant to help those who suffer from acute mental illness because it takes too much time.

Those are among the findings of a recent study of faith and mental illness by Nashville-based LifeWay Research. The study, co-sponsored by Focus on the Family, was designed to help churches better assist those affected by mental illness.

You can read the entire story at Baptist Press.