For more than 40 years, Burke Center has served East Texans across our 12-county service area. As we prepare for the next 40 years, we have renamed the organization Burke. Our services and commitment to our clients and East Texas are stronger than ever.

Woman survives thoughts of suicide after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Nacogdoches woman, Sally Ellsworth, recently visited with KTRE about her bipolar diagnosis and past thoughts of suicide. In 2012, Ellsworth was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe and differ from the normal ups and downs that everyone experiences from time to time.  Check out her story on KTRE's website, or watch the video below. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death, and the rates are continuing to…— Read more

Woodville Woman Survives Depression and Drug Abuse

This spring, Woodville woman, Kelli Fields found help through Burke's medical detoxification program. Fields recently visited with KTRE and shared her story of overcoming depression and her addiction to prescription medications. Check out the story on KTRE's website, or watch the video below. An East Texas woman suffered years of depression and drug abuse that was fueled by the victimization of sex trafficking. “It’s hard to be in such dark deep depression where you feel like you’re in a cage and there’s nothing to reach up to,” survivor, Kelli Fields said. “My biggest…— Read more
The Right Diagnosis Brings a New Start for Nacogdoches Woman

The Right Diagnosis Brings a New Start for Nacogdoches Woman

Deborah Scroggins describes the last year as a roller coaster ride of emotions. “I feel like I’ve been squeezing the handles so hard that my whole body was numb,” she said. Deborah has lived in Nacogdoches most of her life. She was working as a Certified Nurse Assistant when she began suffering from severe weakness and depression. It was a strange combination of physical and emotional symptoms. She was both sad and anxious and had trouble staying focused. But she also felt bad physically. She felt so weak and stiff it took a…— Read more

Parents’ Journey Through Mental Illness

Published in the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel on May 16, 2016 News Editor’s note: The following feature is the second in a series highlighting May as mental health month. Names have been changed to protect the family’s privacy. By Colin Rowan, Burke Edward and Victoria have had difficult conversations in the last year, but none was more heartbreaking than when they talked about what they’d do if they found their daughter’s body. “That’s a terrible thing to have to think about,” said Victoria. “But the situation had gotten very serious, and we truly believed…— Read more

Lufkin Woman Finds Hope from Depression in Music

Lufkin musician, Amber Dunn, recently shared with KTRE her journey to recovery, including finding the correct diagnosis, the best treatment for her and using her music to assist in carrying her out of depression. Check out the story on KTRE’s website, or watch the video below. By Caleb Beams (KTRE - LUFKIN, TX) On the outside, 23-year-old Amber Dunn looks like every other woman her age but her story will show how music can change someone from the inside-out. Dunn picks up her guitar and begins to play in the Mixing Room Studio in Nacogdoches,…— Read more
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