Woodville Woman Survives Depression and Drug Abuse

This spring, Woodville woman, Kelli Fields found help through Burke’s medical detoxification program. Fields recently visited with KTRE and shared her story of overcoming depression and her addiction to prescription medications. Check out the story on KTRE’s website, or watch the video below.

An East Texas woman suffered years of depression and drug abuse that was fueled by the victimization of sex trafficking.

“It’s hard to be in such dark deep depression where you feel like you’re in a cage and there’s nothing to reach up to,” survivor, Kelli Fields said. “My biggest problem was prescription drugs. I couldn’t take them as they were labeled. My drug choice was narcotics, Klonopin, and fastins (phentermine).”

It was an addiction that ran 12 years of her life. Fields said she had been contemplating suicide for all of her life.

Since she was a little girl, Fields said she was taken advantage of.

“I have a background of being sexually molested as a child,” Fields said. “I was sex trafficked, and I was also in satanic abuse. I understand now that the people who did this was sick.”

On top of the abuse, was the feeling of isolation and neglect from those closest to her.

“A lot of my problems were with my mother and my two older sisters,” Fields said. “It was rejection that I was feeling.”

Feeling like she had nowhere to go, Fields turned to drugs, which resulted in depression.
“I liked how the pain pills numbed me, and I didn’t have to feel that pain,” she said. Fields described her depression as a dark, deep cave where she couldn’t see light. So she decided to get help.

“I had got sick and tired of my drug addiction, and I was at the end of myself,” Fields said. Fields turned to Burke and said that was one of the best decisions she ever made. “They are the backbone of the ADAC center, because where I lost all of my hope, they started giving me hope,” Fields said. “I’m not going to say that I want to be normal, but I want to be functional.”

Fields said she wants to help people who are in similar situations. “I want to help people, I‘d like to go back to detoxification and give those people hope, because there is life after drugs.”

She also plans on writing a book.


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