Wear a Silver Ribbon-Reduce Stigma

Mental illness is common in our society. One in five will be diagnosed in their lifetime and yet it is discussed in hushed tones and only when speaking of "others." This discretion only amplifies the existence of the problem, leaving those dealing with the illness to also deal with keeping quiet about it. We, as a society, must find the strength to meet head on the issue of mental illness. One organization doing just that is the Silver Ribbon Coalition. They ask that all concerned people to: Wear a Silver Ribbon... To show…— Read more
More Pastors Embrace Talk of Mental Ills

More Pastors Embrace Talk of Mental Ills

We shared an article a few weeks ago about some pastors' reluctance to address mental health with their congregants. This article in The New York Times features some pastors that are actively seeking ways to help with the mental health needs of their community. Excerpt below: The pastor’s phone rang in the midnight darkness. A man’s voice rasped: “My wife left me and I’ve got a shotgun in my mouth. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t pull the trigger.” The Rev. Matt Brogli, a Southern Baptist pastor scarcely six months into his first…— Read more

Mental Illness Remains Taboo Topic for Pastors

An important article about another big challenge in treating mental illness. According to a recent Burke survey, 57% of respondents think their church would be a good place to learn about mental illness. This story suggests that some pastors are not ready to meet that need. Excerpt below: NASHVILLE (BP) -- One in four Americans has suffered from some kind of mental illness. Many look to their church for spiritual guidance in times of distress. But a new LifeWay study shows they are unlikely to find much help on Sunday mornings. Most Protestant…— Read more

Column – “Why I Don’t Kill Myself”

We read a powerful column in the New York Times we wanted to share. It's written by an author named Kim Addonizio who struggles with depression and addiction, and it provides very good insight into what so many people face every day. Here's an excerpt: I have a close friend who for many years seriously wanted, and sometimes still wants, to kill herself. She calls me when she feels this way, and I try to talk her down, to tell her the simple truth that things will change; she won’t always want to…— Read more

How should we talk about mental health?

One of the greatest challenges we face in diagnosing and treating mental illness is the stigma that still surrounds it. Too many people think mental illness is a sign of weakness. In too many families, mental illness is the dark secret that no one wants to talk about. We aren’t ashamed to discuss other illnesses:  cancer, heart disease, diabetes.  But mental health still seems like a taboo topic.  We need to change that.  This piece by Thu-Huong Ha is a great discussion of this issue. Says journalist Andrew Solomon: “People still think that…— Read more