Taking Off the Mask of Mental Illness

There are many reasons people may wear masks. They may be worn to present ourselves in ways that are socially acceptable or to shield ourselves from inspection. The reasons for wearing a mask are plentiful and the results can be both helpful and harmful.

Mental illness can also be a mask; it can mask who we are. As pointed out in the an article found on healthyplace.com, it can be a painful mask to wear and a painful mask to take off. The mask of mental illness can separate the wearer from the outside world but removing it can be difficult. To learn more about removing the mask see this excerpt below:

“When we remove the masks of mental illness, we find people underneath: people who have names; people who have characteristics beyond their mental illness because they aren’t defined by that illness. How do we remove these masks that are often tight and suffocating? An important first step is introspection. When we take a long, hard look at who we are—not what condition we’re dealing with but who we are as people—we can identify and embrace our many strengths. When we can come to accept our whole selves, we can remove the mask that makes us feel hidden, even rejected.

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