Social Media and Mental Health

Does social media cause depression? Can it make an episode of depression harder to overcome?  A recent Medium article addresses this concern. The writer, Kati Krause reports deleting her Facebook app as “a panicked intervention by reason to prevent my out-of-control animal instinct from doing further harm to myself.”

Alternatively, could social media help you detect depression? If your feelings toward “friends” on Facebook are negative, your actual connections to Twitter followers are distant, or seeing the happiness and success of others decrease your feelings about yourself; this could be a warning sign to focus on self-care.

Krause emphasizes that “depression should be something we talk about more openly—everything else just feels ridiculous at this point. Ultimately I, like many other people, will have to find a way to cope with social media, just like I’ve had to learn to cope with the ready availability of sugary foods: through awareness and self-control.”

Explore this topic in the Medium article, “Facebook’s Mental Health Problem: The most important thing I learned in 2015? That depression and social media do not go well together at all.”