Outpatient Clinics

Burke’s mental health outpatient services stress wellness education and empowerment as keys to understanding and managing psychiatric disorders. Treatment services are designed to enhance clients’ strengths and natural support systems while targeting their symptoms with quality psychiatric care and services that promote self-confidence and greater independence.

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We work with clients to identify psychiatric disorders, assess immediate and long-range mental health needs and provide appropriate treatment services that will stabilize symptoms.


Adult Mental Healthcare treatment and services: (Let’s include this as a simple text box)

Crisis and Non-Crisis Intake and Evaluation


Treatment Planning

Psychiatric Services

Pharmacological Services

Nursing Services


Case Management

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorder Program (COPSD)

ACT Alternative

Children and Family Mental Healthcare treatment and services (Let’s include this as a simple text box)

Mental Health Assessment

Assistance with Psychiatric hospitalization

Case Management

Psychiatric Services

Counseling (individual, family and/or group)

Nursing Services

Skills Services (clinic based, school based and/or in the home)

Referral Services

Hospital Aftercare Services

Mental, emotional, behavioral health education services

TCOOMMI Child & Adolescent Initiative