Burke/ADAC Detoxification Program

Burke and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas (ADAC) are offering a local, short-term medical detoxification program in Lufkin.

The Detoxification Program provides a safe and supportive, medically supervised treatment environment that allows for health and healing. Our staff of physicians, nurses, counselors, including ADAC counselors, and various other health professionals, will work to help individuals to treat their chemical dependency as safely as possible.

Just as everyone’s road to recovery varies, so too does the detoxification process. The Burke/ADAC program allows individuals to remain close to home in an environment focused on the medical treatment of withdrawal. ADAC counselors will perform the initial screening, work with the individual during medical detoxification and provide the next level of care necessary to obtain and maintain recovery.

The Detoxification Program will serve individuals addicted to alcohol, prescription medication and/or illegal drugs. The program is voluntary, but all those interested in medical detoxification must first be screened by an ADAC professional. The length of the program will vary for each person.

If you hare having issues with drugs or alcohol or both, call the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas at 936.634.5753 or 800.445.8562 for more information or to schedule a screening with an ADAC professional.