Crisis Intervention Services

Burke provides support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) with significant behavioral and psychiatric challenges. These individuals often exhibit substantial needs requiring additional support beyond the array of services typically provided within our community programs. Resources are expanded to address crisis situations with individuals who have IDD.

Crisis means a situation where:

  • The individual presents an immediate danger to self or others; or
  • The individual’s mental or physical health is at risk of serious deterioration; or
  • An individual believes he or she presents an immediate danger to self or others or that his or her mental or physical health is at risk of serious deterioration.


Crisis Intervention: A flexible array of services, including behavioral support provided for individuals with IDD who require varying therapeutic and habilitative levels of intervention to holistically address the stressors that result in challenging behaviors. Crisis Intervention services are provided short-term in which the individual will be assessed with strategies developed and provided to the primary caregiver to teach the individual coping skills.

In-Home Crisis Respite: provides therapeutic support to an individual who is demonstrating a crisis in the individual’s home when it is deemed clinically appropriate for the individual to remain in his or her natural environment and it is anticipated the crisis can be stabilized within a 72-hour period.

Out-of-Home Crisis Respite: Out of Home Crisis Respite provides therapeutic support in a safe environment with staff on-site providing 24-hour supervision to an individual who is demonstrating a crisis that cannot be stabilized in a less intensive setting. Primary caregivers (including providers) are required to participate in all planning meetings and will receive training on strategies and coping skills before the individual returns to their home.

If you are interested in learning more about Burke’s Crisis Intervention Program, call (936) 639-1479.