A Message to East Texas Leaders

We want to build a community that supports everyone who faces mental illness. One where we all know what to look for and where to turn. One where everyone feels safe when they seek help. And we need your help.

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Everyone Seems to Know Mental Illness is Real

Research conducted by Burke found that 97% of East Texans surveyed believe that mental illness is pervasive in their community. More than 95% said they know someone that has a mental illness.

For mental health professionals, these numbers are not surprising. One out of five Americans will face a mental health issue this year. Suicides — 90% of which are associated with mental illness — take more lives each year than homicide. This crisis is especially acute in our veteran community. Every day, about 22 veterans commit suicide.

Mental illness is a health crisis in America and here in East Texas. Yet it’s not discussed freely and openly like other health concerns like cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

Our goal is to bring mental illness out of the shadows and help our neighbors get the care they need. Together, we can address this silent crisis and help East Texans identify, resolve and manage their mental health.

Beating the Stigma of Mental Illness

Just as mental illness is real, so too is the stigma and silence that surrounds those in our community that struggle with it.

Burke’s REAL campaign will address the stigma of mental illness directly. Though news stories, advertising, community training and outreach to leaders like you, we will educate East Texans about mental health issues and help them find the care they need.

How You Can Help

We cannot do this alone. And our research suggests that East Texans don’t want us to. They want to hear about mental illness at their family doctor’s office, at their church, even at their children’s school. That’s where you can help.

  • Learn More — by reviewing our materials and stories at www.myburke.org/REAL
  • Share Information — let your employees, congregants, patients and friends know about our campaign
  • Listen — Let the people around you know it’s OK to talk about mental health
  • Train Key Staff and Leaders — Burke conducts Mental Health First Aid training that provides the facts about mental illness and teaches what to look for and where to turn for help
  • Join Our Campaign –  by lending your name to our campaign, you will be part of an ever-growing group of East Texans that is helping beat the stigma around mental health
  • Get in Touch – For more information or to get in touch with our staff, email real@myburke.org.

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