Military Veteran Peer Network Begins It’s Mission

Veterans, servicemen and women, and their families across our region can now find support at the local Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN). This network is housed at 3003 North Medford Drive and headed up by Volunteer Coordinator, Jeff Headrick, himself a former Marine (no exaggeration).

MVPN was recently featured in an article in the Lufkin Daily News. Excerpt below:

The Military Veteran Peer Network is an affiliation of service members, veterans and family members dedicated to providing a safe and understanding network of support with those who have “been there and done that” and developing trusted relationships with others by shared life experiences.

The center also offers networking with local, state and national resources that offer assistance to veterans. Networking resource topics include reintegration, marriage and family issues, financial and legal assistance, PTSD and TBI treatment, depression, anxiety and anger, alcohol and substance abuse, military sexual trauma, education and job training, homelessness, Veterans Affairs claims and benefits, and an extensive database of services.

To learn more about MVPN and see their hours of operation, read the entire article from The Lufkin Daily News.