Nacogdoches Cancer Survivor Doesn’t Let Blindness, Epilepsy Deter His Dreams

On February 26, KTRE TV Channel-9 featured Kevin Wilson in its weekly Survivor Series. Kevin is a true survivor; he tackled cancer at the young ages of 7 and 8 and continues to excel past any physical limits. He is legally blind and has had brain tumors, spinal tumors, scoliosis, hydrocephalus, and epilepsy among others.

Kevin has succeeded in bringing some great ideas to life with his online blog, Kickstarter campaign, and cooking ministry where he provides home cooked meals for families who are dealing with illnesses or other life events. Read or watch Kevin’s story below and be sure to check out his blog for some new recipes. A special thanks to KTRE for its great Survivors Series. | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

By Donna McCollum (KTRE- Nacogdoches, TX) A cooking ministry called Kevin Wilson’s Home-Cooked Cuisine is warming the hearts of others while also giving a Nacogdoches man and his mother a sense of purpose.

“My favorite thing is healthy food, but we basically cook anything,” Kevin Wilson said. Meet Kevin Wilson, manager of Kevin Wilson’s Home Cooked Cuisine. His mom, Renee Wilson, said her son has always had the desire to operate a restaurant.

“I can remember him having his desires when we were at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas, and he was up there for like his chemotherapy or radiations,” Renee said. That was when Kevin was six and being treated for tumors found at his brain stem. Doctors said he wouldn’t live. He’s made it to 23.

“I come back for a miracle,” Kevin said. Renee said Kevin’s battle will never end. He has fought scoliosis. Also, he continues to deal with epilepsy and legal blindness. Kevin doesn’t own a restaurant…yet, but his caring mom found a way to fulfill her son’s interests through a cooking ministry started through a Kickstart campaign.

The early riser earns a paycheck from a part-time job at a Burke workshop. The money goes right back into his cooking ministry. “So good and healthy too,” Kevin said. Kevin said he fully understands there are others with no disabilities that don’t do half of what he’s capable of accomplishing. “Oh, you mean a couch potato,” Kevin said. That kind of sedentary lifestyle is not for Kevin.

His mother taught him better. “To find purpose. You know there’s got to be a purpose in life,” Renee said. “You don’t just want to sit and wallow because, look around, everyone is going through their own set of struggles.” This day, Kevin is taking a meal to his former kindergarten teacher.

“And when she was my teacher, I can remember that she whistled loud,” Kevin said. When his former teacher whistled, Kevin said, “Wow.” Kevin is often a man of few words, but immense thoughts during prayer, his words just flow. “Help calm this spirit and give her hope and love and guidance to the right path and give her good direction,” Kevin said. “In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Kevin Wilson’s Home Cooked Cuisine is a blessing to him so that he can cook, and it’s a blessing to those who receive his meals. You can find recipes at Kevin Wilson’s Home Cooked Cuisine Facebook page or his blog.

He will take meals to anyone in need and cater parties and private dinners. Watch Kevin’s and other inspiring Survivor Stories on KTRE-9 online.