Burke Broke Ground in Nacogdoches for a new Mental Health Clinic

In January, Burke broke ground on four acres along North University Drive for a new mental health facility in Nacogdoches. Goodwin, Lasiter, and Strong of Lufkin, TX designed the building, and Cox Contractors of Nacogdoches started the construction process at the beginning of the year. Project completion of the $4.5 million, 32,000 square foot building is expected in January of 2019.

The current building is located on North Stallings Drive, where Burke moved to in 2008 after vacating smaller offices in downtown Nacogdoches. This facility is part of a regional system where Burke provides psychiatric care, counseling, and primary care services to more than 11,000 East Texans each year.

“The demand for local mental health and primary care services continues to grow.,” said Burke COO Jake Squiers. “We know that distance and availability are big barriers for people that need care, and a new, state-of-the-art facility in Nacogdoches will significantly improve access for East Texans.”

Last year, Burke provided services to 2,344 individuals at its Nacogdoches location. In addition to housing Burke’s current mental health staff, the new facility also has room for future growth.

Burke has provided mental health and developmental disability services in East Texas for more than 40 years. As East Texas has grown and the medical industry has changed, Burke has expanded its array of services, and the new facilities reflect Burke’s strategy for the future — the best care, closer to home.

“Our new facilities provide a welcoming, professional environment for a whole suite of services, from mental health counseling to addiction services,” said Burke CEO Susan Rushing. “We’ve also expanded our services to include primary care so that we can meet multiple needs with each client visit.”

The facility will be located on the southeast corner of University Drive and Maroney Drive. As with most of Burke’s facilities, the facility will be owned by East Texas Behavioral Resources (ETBR) and leased by Burke. ETBR is a stand-alone organization created by Burke in 1998 to facilitate real estate transactions.